WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Every vape tank has its limits. If your tank doth runneth over, be prepared – from dirty fingers to over-saturated wicks, over filling your tank is messy business.

Topping off your tank may seem like a good idea when you are running out the door, but overfilling can lead to a variety of problems with time-consuming or expensive solutions. With that said, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider minding your levels.

Wasted Vape Juice
Depending on your brand, vape juice can be quite expensive. Overfilling your tank is possibly the easiest way of wasting juice, short of throwing it straight into the trash. The manufacturer spent time and money testing their tank design to establish filling tolerances and should be considered an expert in determining how much it can hold. Depending on their margins, some or all the excess liquid in your tank will be lost during use.

Dirty Vape
All that excess juice must go somewhere. Generally, if it isn’t flooding your wick it has two routes of escape. Through the mouthpiece, or down the ventilation tubes that run through the shell of your device. This means you must completely dismantle it to clean it out. Flushing out an airway is fiddly work. Q-tips, syringes – depending on your model you may or may not have easy access to these areas. Leaving them wet and waiting for them to dry out is certainly an option, but over time the sticky residue left behind will collect dust and other debris. This debris will make getting air through to your coil hard, if not impossible, rendering it useless.

Coils and Wicks
Possibly the biggest issue, overflowing your tank will quickly lead to repairs. When you overfill your tank excess liquid is forced out of your tank and into the wick and coil area of your device. Saturation with too much liquid makes it difficult for your coil to function. When the coil or the wick is too wet you will not be able to obtain a high enough heat to burn and until you soak up the excess you will not be able to hit off your vape.

The max capacity of your vape tank wasn’t put there as a challenge. The manufacturer has tested its product extensively and determined that that is the maximum about of liquid your tank can hold while performing as designed. Heeding the manufacturer’s warnings will save you time, money and lead to a more quality vaping experience.