WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Clearomizers, glassomizers, or vape tanks as they are more commonly called in the vaping space, hold e-juices of a variety of flavors. As popular as vaping has become, warnings are appearing on vape kits. In this article, we are briefly going to explore recent findings that may cause vapers to trade in their vape tanks for a new one.

Warning labels are now found on the tanks of several brands of plastic vape tanks. There are plastic tanks that have cracked or leaked. This can cause a vaper to be burned, although this is not the most common problem. It can, however, cause a big mess. What type of vape tank can be purchased to replace a plastic tank? Researchers recommend buying a glass, Pyrex or even a quartz vape tank rather than plastic.

Some representatives of vaping companies believe that the problem is not the plastic itself but the liquid that causes the plastic to melt or crack. Others say it is battery or the atomizer that causes the problem, while still others think it’s the durability of the plastic that is used.

Citric flavored e-juices cause an acidic enzyme reaction that may cause the plastic to melt or crack. Other reps and scientists believe though, that this is more than likely not the problem. A human being’s digestive system is created to withstand citric acids daily, and our bodies create the corrosive chemicals. This is the reason why acidic e-juices are probably not causing the plastic tanks to melt or break.

Then what is the reason for melting or breaking of plastic tanks? Reinforced glass, Pyrex and quartz are much more durable than plastic according to many company representatives. Thin plastics may melt, break, leak or fog up during usage. Not only are glass vape tanks safer to use because of their durability but they also hold the e-juice’s flavor for a longer time.

While some vape reps and scientists believe that plastic materials in vape tanks melt or break during use because of the acid in the juice, and others think that the durability of the plastic is the problem, there are still others who believe the problem is caused by the heat that comes from the batteries. They tell consumers to change the battery if they notice any corrosion. Throw the battery away and replace it with a new one. The same goes for the plastic tank. Throw it away and replace it.

Gurgling and fogging up may be prevented by properly filling the tank. Overflowing often occurs, causing leaking. If this occurs simply take a piece of paper towel and soak up the excess liquid. It can also be blown out of the bottom of the vape tank onto the paper towel.

Consumers nowadays are choosing to purchase glass vape over plastic and sometimes over Pyrex. Sales representatives and even scientists who are researching the problem tend to have different views regarding melting or breaking of plastic vape tanks. Some believe the problem to be with the citric juice flavors while some believe it to be the battery or the plastic itself. That is why again, most vape kits come with warning labels for protection of the consumer.