The weather does get warm and sometimes hot. Quite frankly, such kinds of temperature are bad news for anyone wishing to enjoy that nice vaping experience. The summer times are the worst of all vaping times though. They are very punitive to inexperienced vapers who do not know how to store their e-liquids for that sustained great taste and a maximum cooling effect. So, how does the summertime whether cause e-liquids do degrade and lose both nicotine and the nice flavors you might decide to vape on for a chilled and relaxed experience?

The Enemies of E-Liquids

In summer, all the enemies of e-liquids thrive and are always at the peak of their efforts to ruin e-liquids and consequently any enjoyable vaping experiences. The enemies are air, light, and heat. They are always at play in other seasons too, especially in industrial environments. However, during the summer or in humid weather conditions, they seem to gang up at a time when they are all at their peak strength.

According to a nicotine expert by the name, Dr. Jacques Le Houezec, nicotine reacts negatively with light and air which oxidize it. Consequently, the nicotine gradually changes in color since its concentration gradually changes until all of it gets oxidized. However, the flavors in e-liquids are more susceptible to the same elements. His expert advice to vapers is to keep their liquids at environments where the two elements exist in limitation. The advice seems to be in line with the general user instructions provided by most companies that sell these e-liquids. The user manuals and material safety data sheets often request users to store their e-liquids in cool, dark and dry places.

Heat causes the elements of e-liquids to gain energy. When they do, they expand in search of balance but end up reacting with other components of their environment or decomposing. The liquids, if not allowed enough space for expansion, could cause enough pressure to shatter glass containers but such temperatures would never result from the natural atmosphere. Heat is terrible for e-juices since it fastens the oxidation process that reduces nicotine in the juices.

UV light stimulates the oxidation process.

Air is impossible to avoid. It contains the energy that oxidizes nicotine and its flavors inside e-liquids to make them flat and blunt. It mostly gains access to the liquids via permeable containers, when containers hold fewer e-juices than their capacity, and when the juice container caps are not firmly screwed on.

How to Preserve That Nicotine and Sweet Flavor

  • Prefer non-permeable glass containers over plastic. Plastic has more potential to react with e-liquids, and it permeates air into them and consequently increases the rate of oxidation.
    • Tint the containers to reduce the penetration of UV light into the container and e-liquids.
    • Avoid storing e-liquids in industrial environments characterized by increased heat and humidity.
    • Always transfer left over e-liquids from large and almost empty containers into smaller ones to reduce the amount of air to which the liquids stay exposed. During the transfer, minimize contact with air as much as possible.
    • Always screw the cap on the containers as fast and tight as possible.
    • Always store e-liquids in cool, dark and dry places. Top shelves with dim lighting are a good start. Dark and insulated containers placed in higher and cooler shelves maker the situation better. High shelves in air-conditioned basements are ideal.
    • When traveling, the coolest spots to store e-liquids in a car include under car seats and the trunk. Covering the bottles with insulating clothes also helps keep light and heat at bay.

Note: Storing the e-liquids in refrigerators is not a really good idea as the cold could do more harm than good.