WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

To start, I am going to explain what a throat hit is. A throat hit is a sensation you get in your throat when the e-liquid’s nicotine is inhaled. This sensation can be a smooth hit as the vapor travels down the throat, or it can be quite a harsh hit – comparable to inhaling the smoke from a cigar. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect throat hit. For some, the perfect throat hit is almost non-existent. However, for others it might be a more distinct hit. It really depends on each individual since we all enjoy different things.

For a vaper who enjoys a lighter throat hit, I would suggest either using a lower nicotine level liquid, but it is not really possible to get a throat hit without nicotine. Your other option would be to purchase a liquid that has a high amount of PG. If you were to use a liquid with a lower amount of nicotine then the sensation will be less pronounced. It would be a good idea to use a higher powered device if you decide to go this route. Now, if you choose to use a liquid containing a higher PG level then I would suggest going after more of a citrus type of flavor to obtain that perfect throat hit.

To give you a idea of what the differences are between a weak throat hit and a strong throat hit : a weak throat hit is when the vapor goes down the throat smoothly. While this may sound nice, remember that it will not produce too much of a sensation on your throat when you inhale. This method is commonly used by people who have either never smoked or ones who smoked smooth cigarettes, such as “cigarette brand” Lights. A strong throat hit feels similar to smoking a regular or menthol cigarette. You will experience a harsh, hot feeling at the back of your throat. This may make you cough at first, but in reality, some vapers prefer this strong throat hit feeling. Just do what feels best for you.

The solutions for weak throat hits are; lower nicotine level juices, higher VG blend, reduced power or temperature, open up airflow and by using cotton wicks. The best type of juice to use to obtain this weak throat hit is a sweet flavor or a tobacco flavor. The nicotine level commonly used for this is at 6mg of nicotine and less.

The solutions for strong throat hits are; higher nicotine levels, higher PG blend, increase power or temperature, decrease airflow and a hemp wick. The ideal type of juice to use in order to experience the strong throat hit feeling is a menthol or citrus juice. The nicotine level commonly used for this is at 6mg to 12mg. A lot of people who like strong throat hits suggest not going over 12mg nicotine as it may make you dizzy or nauseous.

If you want a smooth throat hit then it is best to use cotton wicks. So any type of device that uses cotton wicks is what you want to go after. This will produce a smooth vape experience that will not produce much of a cloud if you have the power turned down on it, it will not have a hot or harsh feeling to it either. However, if you want a strong throat hit then you want to go after vapes that use a hemp wick. This will give you that hot feeling at the back of your throat that will also produce those big clouds, as long as the power is turned up, that all of the cloud chasers go crazy over. The trick to it is just experimenting until you find what you truly like.