WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

One of the allures to vaping is that, much like smoking cigarettes, you get to exhale a big puffy cloud. Even though most vapers realize the harms of smoking cigarettes, hence the switch to vaping, there is still something familiar and thus calming about seeing yourself exhale large clouds when using your electronic cigarette or MOD. But are producing those large puffy clouds always better?

Dubbed as “cloud chasers”, some vapers attempt to blow as large of a cloud as possible every time they vape. When you break down exactly why these big clouds are forming, you might think twice before doing it again. First and perhaps most common, if you are constantly chasing big and billowing clouds of vapor, you are more likely to burn out your coils quicker than if you were to only use your vape normally. Coils that burn out quickly can have a variety of negative results for your vaping experience if you don’t immediately change them.

First, the vaper will consistently be tasting a burnt flavor in their mouth. This burnt flavor is literally the coils in your device burning and you are inhaling the metallic fumes. In excess, these fumes can be extremely unhealthy and are characterized as cause issues with the lungs and esophagus. Burt coils can also impede you from enjoying your favorite flavors of e-juices. Coils that need to be changed immediately can drastically change the flavor of your e-juice making the experience far less enjoyable. The takeaway from this first point is that cloud chasers are more likely to use up their coils’ lifespan more quickly and if they are not replaced in a timely manner can have adverse health effects to its user.

Second, it is no mystery any longer as to whether vaping is better for you than cigarette smoke. In fact, a 2012 research paper states that the toxicants in vapor are anywhere from 9-450 times less than traditional cigarette smoke. While this is a major draw of vaping, it can pose somewhat a problem for those who are consistently blowing large plumes of vapor. Any toxic substance entering your body at all is worse than none. And by producing large vapor clouds you are inhaling more toxic chemicals than a typical vapor. While yes, this is still much better than traditional cigarettes, it can still have negative impacts on your health if used frequently in a high volume over time.

The third and final point is that some devices simply are not designed to produce the large puffy clouds that some people are looking for. By pushing a device to blow large plumes of vapor that clearly were not designed to do so, it can have very adverse impacts on your vape and ultimately lead to it malfunctioning and breaking to a point beyond repair. Pushing any mechanical device past its limitations is bad for it, e-cigs and MODs included, and if you are consistently replacing parts of, or even your entire setup, your wallet is sure to feel the pain as well.

Vaping is certainly a better alternative to traditional cigarettes, but what should be noted and taken away from this piece is that chasing those large puffy clouds from your device is not always the best practice.