WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Even your favorite e-juice flavor from Vapers Hero can make or break your vaping experience, depending on whether you check the ingredients used. A good e-juice should have ingredients that heighten your vaping experience. That is why you are always advised to check the components of an e-juice before purchasing. The PG/VG ratio is especially critical. You have to get it right, depending on your preferences and the vaping device that you will be using. Here are some thing you need to know about PG and VG, which will help you in selecting the perfect ratio.

Throat Hit
Most people that are trying to quit smoking are looking for that punchy throat hit that makes them feel like they are smoking. In these cases, it is important to go for an e-liquid that has a higher PG ratio. This is because an e-juice with a higher PG ratio has a higher capability to carry nicotine and flavor, resulting into a stronger hit, compared to a higher VG ratio e-juice. However, it should be noted that a stronger throat hit is not necessary appealing to everyone.

Preference for the Vaper
If you are hoping to produce thick clouds of vapor, then you should go for a higher VG ratio. The thick viscosity of vegetable glycerin makes it perfect for producing clouds of vapor. Therefore, if you are out to impress with monstrous clouds, go for higher VG ratios. But, you should be ready to compromise the flavor and throat hit. This is because Vegetable Glycerin tends to be sweet, hence makes the throat hit a lot smoother.

Flavor Chasing
Propylene Glycol is perfect for that intense flavor. Besides, it is commonly used for its ability to carry flavors. Also, the fact that it is tasteless and odorless ensures that the flavor is in its purest flavor. Conversely, Vegetable Glycerin has a sweet taste. Therefore, it interferes with the flavor.

The Vaping Device
Before you can settle for a perfect balance of PG/VG ratio, you have to consider the vaping device that you will be using. If you are a new vaper, you probably are using a simpler device such as an e-cig. These devices usually have atomizers that aren’t so strong. Therefore, if you use a higher VG ratio, you might be setting yourself up for trouble. Besides, Vegetable Glycerin is thick and takes a lot of power to vaporize. Thus, if you are using an e-cig or any other low power device, the atomizer might be strained if you are using a higher VG ratio. Instead, opt for a higher PG ratio. Propylene Glycol is thin and is easily absorbed by the wick, hence, you will not have to be worried about flooding. Also, you don’t need that much power to vaporize it.

On the other hand, if you are using a MOD, you won’t have to be worried about using a higher VG ratio. This is because MODs provide enough power to vaporize VG instantly. Also, you have to note that with MODs, you don’t have to use excessive VG to produce monstrous cloud.

Bottom Line
There is no right or wrong PG/VG ratio. The perfect balance is dependent on the individual vaper. But, before you can select a ratio, try and understand your preferences. Also, put into consideration the device that you will be using.