Whether you left for vacation and left your device at home, decided to take a break, or have multiple tanks or devices, there is a pretty good chance that you will run into a problem somewhere along the way with a neglected piece. You will want to use a device that hasn’t been brought out in a while, and there is a chance that its tank might have some left over juice that has been sitting for a long time. In this situation, you may find that leaving vape juice in your tank too long may not be a very good idea.

You may be familiar with methods of proper juice storage, and it is pretty widely known that juice kept in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight can maintain a pretty decent shelf life. However, these standards fly out the window when it comes to the juice that has been sitting in your tank, and while it isn’t the worst thing in the world, there can be a few negative outcomes. Every device is different, and there are plenty of tanks on the market that will never leak if left full of juice for a long time. But for a lot of these tanks, the atomizers use a cotton wicking material that can become over-saturated and transform into an open reservoir for juice to flow through. While this may not apply to every situation, these devices can be expensive, and there is nothing worse than the mess a juice spill can create. Not only could it ruin your upholstery, it could also leak into the device itself and destroy it completely. What’s even scarier, that if this happens unnoticed, it could result in a short that sets your pants on fire. So, play it safe and clean out your tank if you know it is going to get put up for a while.

Some e-liquids contain ingredients that can causes erosion through their acidic nature. These e-juices can cause certain types of tanks to crack, and leaving them in the tank would only increase the chance of damage. Known as tank crackers, it is generally recommended that plastic tank users avoid these juices altogether. But if you must have your green apple fix and refuse to upgrade to glass, avoid leaving these juices in your tank for too long. Over time, juices lose flavor and nicotine content too, so there is a real chance that the stuff isn’t any good if it has been sitting for too long.

Either way, it is a good form of habit to clean and maintain your devices and tanks, and avoid the problem of finding old juice to begin with. As a matter of safety and caution the equipment should be treated with respect, and by keeping everything clean and professional your equipment will last much longer.