You just bought yourself a brand-new coil inlaid with pure Japanese cotton. Your favorite e-juice from Vapers Hero stands by ready and willing. You have been fantasizing about bringing these star-crossed lovers together all day long, and the time has finally come to inhale the fragrant clouds of their union. But something goes horribly wrong; instead of baked vanilla custard with creme, your lungs are filled with toxic cinder. As you cough in agony, you wonder how something so good could have gone so wrong. The answer is simple:

You didn’t prime your coils properly.

It is an honest mistake, especially among those still new to the world of vaping, but if you don’t learn to avoid it now, you aren’t going to be a happy vaper. What happens when your burn cotton without sufficient juice is that the carbohydrates of the material break down into:

  1. Water – Which may destroy the flavor via dilution.
  2. Carbon Dioxide – A potentially toxic, asphyxiating gas that will give your juice a slight coal mine twist.

As you can imagine, this one-two punch is guaranteed to knock your taste buds right out, which is the last thing anybody wants out of a good vape session. Therefore, the key to avoiding this grisly fate is to thoroughly saturate your coils with juice, or Prime them.

Methods of Priming

You can go about saturating your coils in three different ways. While the methods differ, the result is to ensure your cotton is nice and juicy before you spark up.

  • The Full Tank Method: This is perhaps the most intuitive method of priming your coils but by far the most ineffective. All you should do – and this is what most do – is fill your tank up with juice and let your coil sit inside of it while you wait for it to become saturated. The only problem with this is that wait times may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.
  • The Direct Method: With this method, all you have to do is take your juice and apply it to the cotton exposed on the sides, and top of your fresh coil – before you submerge it into a full tank – until the juice sits on the cotton instead of sinking in. This will reduce the previous wait time to around five minutes.
  • The Vacuum Method: After using the above methods, what you want to do is use your fingers to seal off the air-ports of your tank, and suck really hard on the tip of your mod about five times without heating your coils. This will create a vacuum effect that will forcibly draw juice into any remaining dry spots in the cotton, effectively reducing your wait time, and the chance of dry hits to practically zero.

Happily, Ever After

Utilizing these three methods of priming before your vape session begins will ensure that every drag you take is smooth, and flavorful. No more coughing fits. No more wasted materials. Just a whole lotta’ clouds of custard flavored love.