WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Chances are, you have heard about the difference between glass and plastic tanks. However, not all glass tanks are the exact same when it comes to their manufacturing. As you start to become more familiar with your vaping preferences, such as your e-juice needs from Vapers Hero, knowing these key differences can help you in choosing the best setup for your tastes.

The main difference that Pyrex has over a standard glass tank is its general durability. While both types of glass have the same base making, Pyrex has a separate tempering method that leaves it stronger than normal glass. But since they are both still glass, they still require careful handling, despite Pyrex’s higher durability. The difference here is what happens should the unfortunate happen, and you find yourself with a broken tank. Standard glass is prone to splintering into tiny, hard to detect pieces. Not counting the already dangerous problem of cleanup, these pieces can get stuck within your MOD. Pyrex, on the other hand, is made to break into large shards for safer and easier clean up. It is not something we ever want to face, but it is a risk when choosing glass tanks.

The real differences start to show with how each handle heat. Both have a decent to heat, though Pyrex is also made with a high thermal shock resistance. This shock resistance is the ability that which glass must withstand sudden changes of temperature without cracking or breaking. There is a high probability that you have used Pyrex more than a few times in your kitchen. The durability that makes them ideal for certain kitchenware is the same advantage that makes it ideal for vaping.

Pyrex is made specially to withstand sudden changes in temperature. Different coils combined with your specific setup can influence the type of heat that your tank produces, but it is nice to have a tank that you know can endure it. Pyrex can prevent your tank from feeling uncomfortable to touch. It also means you are free to fiddle around with your settings without worry. With more MODs allowing temperature control, Pyrex lets you experiment without a lengthy cool down to let your tank settle. Even if you have a tank that does not implement temperature control, Pyrex ensures that there is no risk of cracks or unwanted heat from using your machine.

The type of juice you enjoy may also influence the type of glass you decide to stick with. While this primarily comes down to personal preference, there are some flavors that you may find to shine more at cooler temperatures, or vice-versa. Pyrex holds the advantage here because of its handling of heat. A common problem that some tanks have is their tank becoming overheated, and having to deal with the ensuing repercussions. Though this usually ebbs more as a problem with the atomizer, the tank itself still must handle that heat. Normal glass can hold onto heat at a consistent rate without cooling down. Pyrex, on the other hand, disperses the excess heat and can prevent spontaneous spikes in temperature that comes from normal vaping habits.

Both glass and Pyrex tanks are suitable for all kinds of vaping, and there is a reason they are preferred. Pyrex tends to be the go-to tank for those with MODs that include temperature control, or even for those that desire a more durable tank. Regardless of preference, both remain strong contenders for a tank that can stand the long haul.