WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Many people have come to realize the benefits of vaping over traditional tobacco smoking. As a result, more and more people are moving towards vaping. But, even with the attractive benefits of vaping, many still backslide to traditional smoking. One of the most common reasons for backsliding is due to the complications encountered in shopping for vaping supplies. Most new vapers are usually overwhelmed, particularly with the wide variety of e-liquids available. Therefore, it becomes very hard to get the perfect e-liquid for a satisfactory vaping experience.

However, with this guide you will be able to easily select an e-liquid that achieves what you consider a smooth vaping experience. Here is a list of factors to be considered when selecting an e-liquid

When selecting a new e-liquid, flavor is perhaps one of the major factors to be considered. There are so many types of flavors available. It is important that you think through and determine what flavor you want to taste and inhale. Depending on your mood, you can go for strong flavors such as tobacco and pepper. But, if you are more into smooth flavors, sweets, fruits and beverage flavors might be ideal.

Nicotine Strength
Nicotine strength is also a major factor to consider when selecting an e-liquid. There is also a wide range of nicotine concentrations available and you need to understand the effect of each level, to get your right balance. If you are more concerned about flavor, you want to go for an e-liquid that has low or no nicotine. However, if you want to enjoy both flavor and throat hit, then a medium nicotine concentration is preferable. Understanding how nicotine works will help you from backsliding, that is, if you are an ex-smoker. If you were a heavy smoker, you will need high nicotine levels to achieve a throat hit like your past smoking experiences.

PG/VG Base
Another important factor to consider when selecting an e-liquid is the PG/VG ratio. Propylene glycol is odorless and tasteless. Thus, it does not affect the flavor, which makes it a great carrier for flavors. This makes a higher PG based e-liquid to be better at throat hit and flavor production. However, due to its thinness, it is does not do much to enhance the vapor output. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin tends to be viscous and sweet. Therefore, a higher percentage of PG is ideal where one is chasing vapor. Also, it tends to be ideal for people that prefer a smooth throat hit. This is due to its sweet nature, which tones down the harshness of flavor.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an e-liquid is the construction of your tank. If your tank is made or materials that are easily corroded then you should avoid purchasing pepper flavors. The size of your tank will also guide you in selecting the perfect e-liquid. If you have a tank with a large capacity, you can go for larger e-liquid bottles. And, if your tank has a narrow top fill, ensure that you check the shape of your e-liquid dripper. In this case, a narrow dripper is preferable and vice versa.

Device Being Used
At the end of the day, your experience with any e-liquid boils down to the vaping device that you are using. If you have a high-power device, you do not have to go for very high nicotine levels to achieve a kicky throat hit. Also, you can go slow on the vegetable glycerin as high-power devices contribute to tremendous vapor production by providing more power, at any given time, to vaporize more e-liquid.

Bottom Line
With e-liquids, you need patience and experimentation, before you can get the perfect one. However, the above tips should be help you to get your perfect vape juice sooner.