WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Finding a great tasting e-juice that best suits someone’s taste can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Most vapers do trial and error trying to find their favorite vape juice. Along the way of trying to find the best, vapers can stumble upon some really bitter ones. So how can you prevent that from happening?

First of all, to try to prevent from getting bad juices, always go to sites like YouTube to see product reviews on the juices you want to buy. YouTube is most likely the best place to see if the juice is bad or good. People like Rip Trippers and Indoor Smokers are great YouTube channels to go to for quality reviews. This will aid in vapers being able to decipher want they want to buy.

Sometimes vapers can’t always prevent from getting bad juices. There are always some bad batches even in the most reputable brands. To fix the juices from bitterness to great deliciousness, there are a few ways.

The first way is steeping. Most premium e-juices come pre-steeped, but it isn’t always enough. The act of steeping can sometimes be a very long process. It is very similar to how wine is aged. Steeping causes the flavoring to oxidize with the air to bring out more intense flavors. To steep e-juice, the bottle needs to sit in a dark area with its cap off for about 12 hours. This is called “breathing”. After the breathing process is over, the actual steeping part comes in. To steep, it is the same process as breathing, but the cap needs to be on the bottle, and it needs to sit in a dark area for about a week.

The second way is mixing. If steeping doesn’t bring out the flavors of the e-juice, then it needs to be mixed thoroughly. All juices are mixed when they are being made, but after some time, the different ingredients can separate. Since nicotine has a different density than the VG and PG in the e-liquid, the nicotine can float to the top after a while of sitting. One way of mixing is just to shake the bottle vigorously for about 5 minutes, but sometimes this isn’t effective enough for high percentage nicotine. To mix it flawlessly, most vapers use a straw attached to a drill, but instead of just a regular straw, the ends are snipped so small fins can be frayed out. These little fins mix up the juice hundreds of times better than what someone can do just by shaking the bottle.

The final way is to add more flavoring. If the manufacturer of the e-juice breathed the juice for too long, it can cause the flavoring to break down and diminish. Simply adding a few more drops of flavoring can restore the flavor levels back to normal. However, bringing in new flavoring might require the vaper to steep the juice again.

To conclude, always try to find the most reputable juice suppliers available to try to prevent getting bitter juice. However, if you get a bad batch, remember to steep it, then mix it, or finally add more flavoring to the e juice as a last resort.